I have been teaching at Fresno City College as a full-time, tenure track Philosophy Instructor since Fall 2019. I’ve created a video to introduce myself to faculty, staff, and students, which you can access here.

Prior to this I taught philosophy for Bakersfield College in Kern County prisons through the Inmate Scholars Program and in rural areas to predominately Latino students through the Rural Initiatives Program.

During the past four years, I have both taught and served as the Education Policy Director at the Dolores Huerta Foundation (DHF), organizing community members to become empowered to pursue education justice at under-served K-12 school districts in Kern County. During my tenure at the DHF, the signature achievement was an agreement in July 2017 with the largest Kern high school district to settle a lawsuit demanding an end to racially discriminatory discipline practices. After the agreement, I helped to monitor the district’s implementation of restorative justice practices.

My education advocacy focused on high schools is the origin of my research interests in the philosophy of education and distributive justice. Specifically, I have written on what theories of distributive justice and the aims of education require in the context of high school education, where tracking and provisioning of differential educational opportunities is ubiquitously practiced.